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"I never considered temping before Teero Dental. They make it easy. Highly recommend it!"

Sara Johnson

Teero Dental Professional


"The best part is working with different offices. I’ve met new friends and figured out what I want from a Dental office."

Molly Hanselman

Teero Dental Professional


"Teero Dental is super flexible. I’m in control of my own schedule which allows me to travel."

Margaret Sloan

Teero Dental Professional


"Teero Dental helps me get the work-life balance I want. I can easily fill my schedule with good paying opportunities at offices I like."

Alison Peterson

Teero Dental Professional


"Teero Dental has been a breath of fresh air for me. The platform gives me flexible shifts, and I’m getting paid what I deserve for my hard work"

Kathy Thompson

Teero Dental Professional


"As a dental hygienist, I find the teero dental staffing platform easy to use for finding temporary jobs."

Kim Hansen

Teero Dental Professional


"Teero pays high per hour rates for dental assistants like me. I appreciate the fair compensation"

Linda Miller

Teero Dental Professional

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